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* Handle trailing comments in message IDsC. McEnroe2021-04-22
* Parse dates in a hopefully more portable fashionC. McEnroe2021-04-11
* Say OpenSSL in additional permission noticesC. McEnroe2020-11-28
* Add additional permission for linking with LibreSSLC. McEnroe2020-06-08
* Rename part->id to part->contentIDC. McEnroe2020-04-26
* Render id, description and language as <pre> attributesC. McEnroe2020-04-22
* Skip leading whitespace in message IDsC. McEnroe2020-04-19
* Add bodyPartType helperC. McEnroe2020-04-14
* Add decoding stubsC. McEnroe2020-04-14
* Preserve original Date header in envelopeC. McEnroe2020-04-13
* Use UTC date everywhereC. McEnroe2020-04-13
* Allow missing DOW and obsolete zone in dateC. McEnroe2020-04-12
* Fetch and parse BODYSTRUCTUREC. McEnroe2020-04-12
* Move parseEnvelope to parse.cC. McEnroe2020-04-10