BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterClean up variable expansions in shell scriptC. McEnroe5 weeks
1.2imbox-1.2.tar.gz  imbox-1.2.zip  C. McEnroe5 weeks
1.1imbox-1.1.tar.gz  imbox-1.1.zip  C. McEnroe7 months
1.0p2imbox-1.0p2.tar.gz  imbox-1.0p2.zip  C. McEnroe8 months
1.0p1imbox-1.0p1.tar.gz  imbox-1.0p1.zip  C. McEnroe9 months
1.0imbox-1.0.tar.gz  imbox-1.0.zip  C. McEnroe11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-10-29Clean up variable expansions in shell scriptHEAD1.2masterC. McEnroe
2020-10-29Update build instructionsC. McEnroe
2020-10-29Say OpenSSL in additional permission noticesC. McEnroe
2020-10-29Rewrite compat and add configure scriptC. McEnroe
2020-10-29Refactor IMAP structC. McEnroe
2020-10-28Remove local from shell scriptC. McEnroe
2020-06-08Add additional permission for linking with LibreSSLC. McEnroe
2020-05-02Remove --no- options from manual1.1C. McEnroe
2020-05-02Pass explicit host to git-credentialC. McEnroe
2020-05-02Fix git-fetch-email argument parsingC. McEnroe