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masterMake copyrights and AUTHORS consistentJune McEnroe9 days
1.3scooper-1.3.tar.gz  scooper-1.3.zip  June McEnroe12 months
1.2scooper-1.2.tar.gz  scooper-1.2.zip  June McEnroe16 months
1.1scooper-1.1.tar.gz  scooper-1.1.zip  June McEnroe20 months
1.0scooper-1.0.tar.gz  scooper-1.0.zip  June McEnroe2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysMake copyrights and AUTHORS consistent HEAD masterJune McEnroe
2022-05-06Don't rebuild sqlite3 when server.h changesJune McEnroe
2022-03-20Update SQLite to 3.38.1June McEnroe
2021-11-12Use line continuations in catsit exampleJune McEnroe
2021-09-13Link with -ldl on Linux 1.3June McEnroe
2021-09-13Document lack of dependency on SQLiteJune McEnroe
2021-09-13Build with vendored sqlite3June McEnroe
2021-09-12Call sqlite3_initialize explicitlyJune McEnroe
2021-09-12Vendor SQLite 3.36.0June McEnroe
2021-05-19Add -h flag to hide user hostnames 1.2June McEnroe