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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSupport reading gzipped data in mergeJune McEnroe8 months
cgiAdd play to index.htmlC. McEnroe4 years
backportRe-create help pageC. McEnroe4 years
v2Call cap_enter in client and serverC. McEnroe4 years
daemonOnly use pidfile(3) on FreeBSDC. McEnroe4 years
ansiDump HELP_DATA with client -hC. McEnroe4 years
v1Fix color pairs once and for allC. McEnroe4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-04Re-create help page backportC. McEnroe
2019-01-04Add teleportationC. McEnroe
2019-01-04Add simplified speed controlC. McEnroe
2019-01-04Add indicator of current position in mapC. McEnroe
2019-01-04Disable flipC. McEnroe
2019-01-04Fix map generation for old metadata discrepanciesC. McEnroe
2019-01-04Restore old data formatC. McEnroe
2018-11-29Call cap_enter in client and server v2C. McEnroe
2018-11-29Fix make cleanC. McEnroe
2018-11-29Use png.h and config.mkC. McEnroe