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* Revert compression of man pages for installation 1.3C. McEnroe2020-05-19
* Rewrite build and install to be more amenable to packagingC. McEnroe2020-05-19
* Template rc scripts with %%PREFIX%%C. McEnroe2020-05-18
* Revert "Test getopt_config"C. McEnroe2019-11-11
* Test getopt_configC. McEnroe2019-11-11
* Add calico rc scriptC. McEnroe2019-11-02
* Add SNI socket dispatcherC. McEnroe2019-11-02
* Add make target for localhost.crtC. McEnroe2019-10-30
* Implement getopt_long-integrated configuration parsingC. McEnroe2019-10-29
* Rename project pounceC. McEnroe2019-10-25
* Add argument parsing and dumb TLS serverC. McEnroe2019-10-15