cardsCARDS.DLL loader for SDL 5 days
portsFreeBSD and OpenBSD ports for this software 3 months
bubgerIMAP archive generator 7 months
imboxIMAP to mbox 4 months
pounceIRC bouncer 8 weeks
catgirlIRC client 9 days
litterboxIRC logger 4 weeks
wepWindows Entertainment Pack recreations 36 hours
toruscollaborative ASCII art 5 weeks
srcdogfiles 7 days
libretlslibtls for OpenSSL 8 weeks
exmanmanuals for other systems 3 months
notemapmirror notes to IMAP 8 months
jortsmy own ports tree for macOS 3 days
catsitprocess supervisor 4 months
playsome games for SSH 3 months
scooperweb interface for litterbox 2 months